Ronald is an actor, presenter, writer, producer, director, born in Holland, working internationally in film, tv and on stage.

His roots are in journalism, but at the age of 29 he decided to chase his childhood dream of becoming an actor. After getting his degree from the acting academy of Maastricht he started his career on stage for a theatre company in Antwerp. He also worked for Dutch companies like ‘Het Nationale Theater’ and ‘Noord Nederlands Toneel’.

In recent years Ronald has played in several international productions, both tv and film. He is part of the cast of the international series Arcadia and stars as Erik Hunter in the Nickelodeon series Hunter Street, with audiences in the United States and around the globe. As presenter he hosted more than 30 hours of television for Discovery Channel, with series like Inventing History, Legend Detectives, and Industrial Revelations: the European Story. In addition Ronald presented and co-wrote the award winning film Space Transportation: an ATV Perspective for the European Space Agency.

He became a household name in the UK with the immensely popular commercial campaign for Grolsch beer (Schtop!), which ran for 6 years.

Ronald recently secured a deal for a multi-million action/adventure movie. He co-wrote the script, based on his original story Danny Hudson and the legend of the Half Moon, together with the London based acclaimed writer Richard Nash.

He directed and filmed his documentary Fernando Ricksen: the Final Battle for RTL and BBC about a former football player suffering from MND. Ronald also directed Food Markets: In the Belly of Amsterdam for ARTE/ZDF/RAI and produced Stella Vie: Driven by the Sun for National Geographic.